Iston - International Leader in A.I. Marking Technology

Iston develops advanced teaching and learning solutions in education sector globally using breakthrough Artificial Intelligence Education (A.I.E) technology powered by Intelligence Text Deep Analysis (ITDA), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition (SR), Semiotics Visual Analysis (SVA) and Expert Education Modeling (EEM) technologies. Particularly, the great success of our Automatic and Intelligent Marking Engine (AIME) – the engine of our wide range of education applications - marks the first time in human history that school assignment marking in all formats, including essay, oral presentation and exam, can be done completely and reliably by computer. For instance, a Cambridge University postgraduate student essay of 5000 words, regardless of subject area, can be marked with most accurate and detailed feedback by the highest international academic standards within 0.001 second of time. Such feedback contains over 66 items of useful comments and improvement advice cross all the dimensions under international academic standards.

Our forefront technologies and outstanding education expertise are joining forces to create a world leader in educational assessment, automatic marking, educational Big Data and personalized learning (or Adaptive Learning) technologies with the ambition to empower teachers, students, school administrators, education policy makers, and parents to build unprecedented level of deep insights to education.

Iston has got a gorgeous team that combines rock-the-world spirit of original scientific research and development, world-class business management skills, and lead-the-world ambition.