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Software Engineer Intern




  Categories: Develop

  Classification: Develop pre-A

  Salary package:  RMB 2000 - 4000 per month

  Type: 3 -5 days per week

  Role Statement:

  Opening internship within Iston edu-tech develop group. This position will focus on

  developing solutions intended for use by all players in education area. The position will

  require a background in computer science or programming experience. Applicants with

  contributions to open source projects or GitHub pages are strongly encouraged 

  to include links to these in their application. The successful candidate will have the opportunity 

  to work with a more experienced developer on a project of high impact.


  Basic Requirements:

  • Pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or other related field

    Knowledge of common Computer Science concepts and their applications

    (Data Structures, NLP, Algorithm Design, etc.)

  • Experience in writing clean, concise, explicit code

  • Experience in designing and developing test cases

  • Understanding of what constitutes good coding documentation

    (Comments, Official Docs, etc.)

  • Ability to work independently and within a group

  Supplemental Requirements:

  • Proficient in Python

  • Experience with developing web based applications

  • Experience with creating database queries

  • Familiarity with coding reviews

  Application information

  In order to apply for this role please make sure that you attached the

  following documents:


    · A current curriculum vitae (CV) which includes the names and contact


    · Other documents, if required.


  Applications which do not address the selection criteria may not be

  considered for the position.

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