Iston Future Education Cloud Platform – Our Primary Business

Our forefront A.I. technologies, outstanding global education expertise and the great success of our automatic A.I. marking and learning analysis system impose a serious mission on Iston for revolutionizing the global education sector at a much deeper level than ever. The revolution was naturally born with these important features: 

● Emancipative – to unshackle teachers from repetitive, time-consuming, low-efficient, and painstaking marking tasks so that they can be attentive to students and teaching   

● Adaptive – to assure students always receive personalized marking feedback that is correct, accurate, detailed and useful and meanwhile, to allow teachers to always have crystal-clear understanding of each student

● Insightful – to grant all the stakeholders in education ecosystem, including teachers, students, school administration, policy makers and parents, unprecedentedly useful angles to view so as to build in-depth understanding to teaching, learning and education

● Connective – to enable mutual understanding and thus create real bounds among all the stakeholders in education ecosystem, vertically along time horizon and horizontally with perspective of the globe