Platinum Marking & Feedbacking System – Application of Alpha Right

Platinum Marking & Feedbacking System is a beginning application of our Alpha Right A.I.E (Artificial Intelligence Education) Engine. This A.I driven system is capable of human-freely marking all kinds of English essays and oral speaking that are prevailing in contemporary educational settings, such as international English tests, school teaching, and university assignment and exam. In addition to marking (scoring), this system provides most accurate and detailed feedback by the academic standards and requirements of the particular type of educational work.

Up to date, this system is well able to mark and provide accurate and detailed feedback for the following English academic tests/works:



● GRE 


● University Essay and Oral Presentation Exams 

● China National College-Entrance English Exam 

● China National University Students’ English Level Test (Band 4, 6) 

● China National Postgraduate-Entrance English Exam 

As Bill Gates recently commented, “those who are able to overcome language barrier in artificial intelligence technology will win this technology in the world”. Our Platinum Marking & Feedbacking System is an undoubted proof of our winning and thus lead-the-world position in A.I. technology.